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There are a number of conditions that can result in pain. However, if an inflamed or compressed nerve is at fault for your neck, leg, or back pain, nerve block injections can be used to help. At Optimal Healthcare, our doctors can diagnose the source of the problem and then administer the injection to alleviate your discomfort.

The objective of the nerve block injection is to numb the affected nerves. With this treatment, our doctor will administer an injection of a local anesthetic into either a group of nerves or specific nerve. This, in turn, will stop the nerve from conducting electrical impulses for a period of time in order to relieve your pain.

Unlike other more invasive treatments, the nerve block procedure lasts only a few minutes and patients remain awake during the process (though a local anesthetic is put on the skin before the injection is administered). Patients experience very little soreness and are able to resume their activities the very next day. In addition, many patients report that the pain relief lasts for one to two weeks.

To determine if nerve block injections are right for you, you’ll first meet with our doctor for a comprehensive physical examination and diagnostic testing, which may include the nerve conduction velocity (NCV) test. Once our doctor has diagnosed your condition and located the source of the nerve compression or inflammation, he or she may recommend nerve block treatment.

To learn if our nerve treatment is right for you, please contact Optimal Healthcare at (409) 948-1000 today to set up your free consultation.