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Your First Experience at Optimal Healthcare

The first step when we meet a new patient is to schedule them for a complimentary consultation. This is a no charge consultation to determine if we can help you and if so, how we would go about doing that. The initial consultation not only gives us time to get a good history and feel for if we can help you, but it also gives you a feel for us.

After your initial consultation, providing we feel we can help you, you are then scheduled for a thorough examination. Depending on the care you need to correct your problems, you’ll meet the appropriate medical provider for a thorough examination. After the exam, the doctors get together to review your case in detail and create what will be the start of a treatment program to return your body to good health. This may include one type of care or several, depending on your case. This program will then be reviewed with you on your next visit.

What to Expect from a Treatment Program

A treatment program is unique for each patient. Generally, we begin with the basics and refine the program as we diagnose exactly what is causing your health problems. Being experts in many medical disciplines, we have a wide array of tests and treatments at our disposal. State-of-the-art laboratory testing is one of them, and an integral part of performing root cause analysis. We strive to use non-surgical, drug free methods whenever possible.

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