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Personalized Weight Loss Programs

With years of clinical experience our Optimal Healthcare team has created a personally tailored weight loss program that works. It works without drugs, it works long-term, and it works sensibly. Managing weight is not simply about eating less and exercising more. A healthy body is required to process energy efficiently. This is often the missing piece in “one size fits all” weight-loss plans. Bodies tend to develop health problems and a common side effect of these problems is less efficient metabolism and resultant weight gain.

If the underlying cause of health problems is not corrected, not only does losing weight become impossible but so does the goal of feeling good again. For example: A person with insulin resistance will often be overweight. If this person restricts fat and favors low fat foods (typically carbohydrates), their battle to lose weight will fail. The cause of weight in this individual is not that fat creates fat, but rather the unhandled insulin resistance is the cause.

Finding the Right Food Plan For Your Body Type

We all know that healthy food consumption is important to manage weight and to stay healthy. But what exactly is a healthy food plan? Some bodies thrive on plant foods like vegetables, whole grains, and beans. Some bodies work better on lower fat, while others require more. A balance of protein, fat and complex carbohydrates is needed for all bodies. However fad diets that employ very high protein, very low fat or very low carbohydrates are not the answer to healthy and lasting weight loss. A trained clinician can help determine what is an ideal diet for an individual to achieve the goal of optimal weight. Factors such as genetics, metabolism and reactions to certain foods should be taken into account.

Our bodies are designed to move. Unfortunately with today’s sedentary lifestyle most people don’t move enough and need to add an exercise regimen to their schedule. While movement is essential, spending hours at the gym is not. The key is to follow an exercise program that takes into consideration such factors as body type, current fitness level, muscular imbalances and history of injuries. This program must be tailor-made and preferably supervised by a trained expert.

Getting Started

Weight problems and obesity are epidemic in our country. There is a lot of talk about weight loss, but few solutions that make much sense. While fast weight loss ‘sounds’ good, we all know that it doesn’t work long-term and can be dangerous. If you are ready to lose weight and get healthier, we are here to help you to achieve that goal.

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