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With specific testing methods and groundbreaking treatment protocol, our team of skilled and compassionate healthcare providers can ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of your neuropathy.
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Knee & Joint Pain

If your knee pain is keeping you from activities you love or even interfering with everyday life, our Texas City knee doctors have a solution for you. Read More

Back/Neck Pain

Our Physicans and Therapists incorporate state of the art techniques into our patient’s treatment plans to ensure that their back pain is greatly reduced and in best cases, even eliminated.. Read More

Weight Loss

With years of clinical experience our Optimal Healthcare team has created a personally tailored weight loss program that works. It works without drugs, it works long-term, and it works sensibly. Read More

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Integrated Medicine in Texas City

Welcome to Optimal Healthcare – your pain specialists in Texas City, Texas. We specialize in the treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions including knee pain (osteoarthritis), peripheral neuropathy, back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and many more.

We are an integrated medical practice. Our clinic combines the best of physical medicine, rehabilitation and chiropractic to provide patients with a comprehensive health care experience. From the elite athlete to the elderly, we treat patients from all walks of life.

Our team of medical professionals are among the best in their respective fields. Using advanced diagnostic techniques, they seek to discover and treat the root cause of your condition – not just your symptoms. We are committed to pioneering and perfecting the latest medical treatments available.

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